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Old Mobile Phones

If you answer yes to any of these questions you need a new phone.

1. Are you so used to the cracks on your screen you don’t even notice them anymore?

2. Do you still use an MP3 player?

3. Do you own a GPS and use it?

4. When you go to a party do none of your friends have chargers that will work with your phone?

5. Is the only app on your phone the one you can pay your monthly bill through?

6. Do you have a USB internet stick in your bag?

7. Does your mom have a newer model than you?

8. Do you have to wait until you get home to check your email?

9. Do you ask real live people for directions?

10. Does textig “Hi! How are you?” take three minutes?

11. Do you have your contacts backed up on a sim card?

12. Does your phone have an antenna?

13. Is your phone made by Kyocera, Alcatel, ZTE or Huawai?

14. Is your favorite game Snake?

15. Do you go to the library to check Facebook?

Remember, a yes to any of these questions means you should purchase a new phone immediately.

This is a friendly service announcement from SellYourCell.com.


This baby is shocked by how much she is paying for Facebook to not deliver results.

It’s interesting as a business getting into the social media marketing side of things. Where do you start? How do you get followers? How do you get people to engage with your brand?

Facebook would have you believe you need to pay them in order to get people to engage with your brand. They only allow a small percentage of a page’s followers to even see what is being shared. If that small amount of followers engages with the post, then Facebook will allow more people to see the content and so on. Facebook tells you to pay for advertisement of your page so you get more likes and thus more engagement, but really what is this all about?

There is a really interesting video that exposes a problem connected with this type of Facebook marketing. It’s 9 minutes long, but worth the watch. It explains that Facebook ads for your page actually reduce engagement with your brand in the long run. Even with tons of likes no one will engage or see your content!

So if you are a business and want to engage with your followers on social media or grow your fan base, how the heck do you do it? What is the point of even having a Facebook Page if no one is going to see it unless you pay Facebook? But then if you pay Facebook it makes it worse. It’s like gambling, the deeper you dig yourself in the deeper you go and the harder it is to get out.

What to do, what to do…

We have been working to grow SellYourCell.com’s social media followers and grow awareness and support for our company and site. Of course we want to do this because we give the best prices and service out there and WANT TO SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

I guess maybe the real answer is to create content that people are actually interested in seeing, commenting on, liking and sharing. Fundamentally that is how all social media works. I may dare say that this is how life works. Create things that people are interested in and in turn be interested in what other people are creating.

There is no substitute for true and actual engagement.

And there in lies the challenge…

Transfer of money between people

25 Million Dollars.

That is how much money we have paid out over the past decade to our customers for their old phones and tablets.

Not too shabby, but we want to give you even more money.

Recently, SellYourCell.com has reworked things to raise the payout on each device so as to beat any online quote by at least 5 dollars.

Sometimes we pay up to $130 more than other online websites for the exact same device!

We believe that the person who should be making the profit on the sale of their phone is the consumer. Our mission is to help you get the most money you can for your cell phone, period.

Our staff are experts on the phone re-sale market. We can purchase over 250 different devices. Chances are we will want your phone.

Click here to find out how much your phone or tablet is worth!

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addicted to your cell phone

“So that’s the telephone? They ring, and you run.”

 Edgar Degas, French Artist Born 1834


I know I have a problem. The first step is to admit it. I am addicted to my phone and here are the reasons why:


1. I feel vibrations in my pocket even when my phone’s not there.

2. If my battery falls below 50% I freak out and make finding a charger the most important thing in my life.

3. I check all the social networks on my phone every 5 minutes for no reason and in an exact order.

4.  I prefer being on my phone over social interaction.

5. When pages take more than 5 seconds to load I have a mini panic attack.

6.  Siri is the only person in my life who really understands me.

7. I have chargers in 6 different outlets in my home, two in the car and 3 at work.

8. When I take a shower I think, “I wonder who is calling me right now.”

9. When I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom I check my email.

10. I won’t use any software that doesn’t have an app.

11.  When I am showing someone else a picture on my phone, I won’t let them hold it.

12. I have a photo of every meal I have eaten for the last 6 months in my camera roll.

13.  I can’t have a conversation with another person for more than 5 minutes without looking at my home screen for any new notifications.

 14. Sometimes, when I’m on my phone, I have no idea what my girl just said to me but nod and say “yes honey.” This has cost me a lot of money.

 15. I left my phone at home once and I think I blacked out because I can’t remember the entire day.


Please, Please, please tell me I am not the only one with these problems.


Disclaimer – 1-15 are true and actual signs of addiction. If  you feel you have a problem, contact SellYourCell.com and we will pay you for your phone so you can make up some of the money you have lost in wasted time and missed opportunities.

photo by Christian Shackton





sell-your-cellSellYourCell.com is the resource to sell your cracked iPhone. Why? We have 10 years of experience in buying phones and pride ourselves in giving the best value to our customers.

The difference with SellYourCell.com is we will not lowball you for your cracked screen iPhones that still power up like Gazelle will. We pay anywhere from $25 to $130 dollars more for cracked iPhones.

Why is there such a price difference? I don’t know, ask Gazelle why they pay so poorly.

We believe the person who should make the most money off the resale of the phone, is the person who bought it originally. We keep our profits low to give you the most money for your phone.

If you have a cracked iPhone or iPad, we will give you the best price on the internet PERIOD. If you find a lower price, we will beat it by $5.

Go to SellYourCell.com now to see what your phone is worth. 



Do you own a cracked or broken iPhone or iPad? Do you want to sell it?

We are happy to announce that we can now purchase cracked and broken iPhones and iPads!

We will beat ANY website’s price by $5 dollars.

So come one and come all! Bring us your sad, your dead, your cracked and your old phones.

We will take them and give you the best price on the internet.

What do you think your old phone may be worth? You can find out by clicking HERE.

Make Money! on smartphone

Do you want to sell your cell phone? Are you wondering how you even go about doing it? Here is a guide for the most common and easiest methods to sell your phone.

Of course you may be giving your phone to old Aunt Mildred or maybe your toddler, but those are awful ideas. Keep those people screen free and go ahead and get the cash. No one wants Aunt Mildred on Facebook.

1. Carrier Trade-in Programs

One of the simplest methods to sell your phone is by turning it back into the carrier when you want to upgrade your phone. You will be given a credit to apply to your next purchase.

Pros- This is a simple and easy way to get some value out of your phone and thus super convenient. You also know it’s in good hands and secure.

Cons- They will only give store credit and the value will be way below market rate. Also, did you know that in America the cost of the phone is factored into your over all bill? That’s right. You pay money to get the new phone and then continue to pay for that phone over the life of your contract. The small store credit the carrier will give you for the phone is like a drop in the bucket compared to what they will make off your business through the life of the contract.

2. EcoATM

Eco ATM is like a cash machine for phones. You plug in your phone, they evaluate the value, you put it in the machine and cash spits out.

Pros: There is no haggling, it’s simple and there are over 900 locations. You can check out their website here to find one close to you.

Cons: EcoATMs notoriously pay way below market value.

3. eBay

Many people attempt to sell their phones by auctioning them off on eBay.

Pros: You will possibly be able to get a good price if you hold a good auction with high resolution photos and full details regarding the phone.

Cons: You may not get paid, there are chances of fraud, refunds, rip offs and disputes.  It’s kind of a hassle.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is a proven way to sell cell phones. You just create an ad for the phone and wait for people to reach out to you.

Pros: There is no faster way to get fast, decent cash for your cell phone than to post your phone with a good price on Craigslist. Craigslist is a great option if you are comfortable with the process of meeting people you don’t know for a business transaction. It is advised to always schedule phone transactions in a public place such as a Starbucks or similar location.

Cons: You may run into some creepy people or hustlers who attempt to pay you way less money than your phone is worth. It’s also possible your ad on Craigslist may get flagged.

5. On-line phone recycling programs like SellYourCell.com

There are a number of websites who will quote you a price for your phone. Once you accept the price you mail your phone in and you are sent a check. (Did you know SellYourCell.com was the original phone recycling website and is over 10 years old?)

Pros: SellYourCell is super easy. Just find your phone and the quoted price on our site, download and print your shipping label, put your phone in a box and mail it. A few days later you will receive a check. We have 10 years of trusted customer service and reliability behind us.

Cons: You will receive slightly below full retail value for your phone.


Please let me know if you know of any other trusted ways to sell cell phones in the comments.

Oh hey there!

Welcome to the new Sell Your Cell website! We are revamping things to bring you tons of new options to sell your old phones for top dollar.

SellYourSell has been in business for 10 years and we are the experts in the phone resale market. We work continuously to get you top dollar for old phones.

Exciting things are happening in the resale market over the next few days and we will keep you posted as it all rolls out!

For now, if you have a functional smart phone, submit it to our site by clicking here!

We cannot wait to help you sell your phone!


The combination of smartphones and faster mobile Internet has made staying in touch with friends easier than ever. Thankfully, there are plenty of great social apps available so you can reach family and friends easily.

social appsYou can save money too because instead of paying to send SMS messages, you can use these social apps to message people for free as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

While the apps share similar features, some are best used for specific communication tasks than others. Find out which of these can meet your mobile’s social networking needs.

1. WhatsApp

One of the most popular social apps in the world, WhatsApp is easy to use and Continue reading →

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