My Old Phone’s Collecting Dust… Where Can I Sell my Cell?

Old Mobile Phones Is it time for your next cell phone upgrade? In the past you may have simply given your old phone away to a friend or family member, but did you know that there is actually a solid market for old phones?

So why not try and get something back for your phone? When the burning question is, where can I sell my cell, there are a number of options to consider.

Sell Your Phone Yourself

You could advertise your cell phone for sale in the classifieds of your local paper. Not only will you will make a few bucks, you will also have total flexibility in choosing the make of your new phone and the wireless carrier you use. There are two major problems Continue reading

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Beware: Apple iPhone Buyback Program

Beware of Apple’s in store iPhone buyback program and similar programs for Verizon, Best Buy and others.  Why? You will get more cash to sell your iPhone elsewhere (like  Retailers like Apple are offering to buy back your old phone generally by extending credit towards the purchase of a new phone instead of by giving you cash.  They are trying to take advantage of the convenience they offer by giving you instant credit but you will be shortchanging yourself if you accept.

Go to SellYourCell to see what your iPhone is worth and it’s a good bet that it is worth more than you will get with a trade-in program at Apple, Verizon, Best Buy, Sprint…. Also, if you are moving from another phone like a Blackberry to buy an iPhone, we will buy that also but Apple will not.

You can lock into a offer from SellYourCell for 30 days so if you think you are going to upgrade to the new iPhone go to SellYourCell today and lock in your price.  Pricing will drop when the new iPhone is released.



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Sell Your Old iPhone to Pay for an iPhone 5

Everyone is anticipating the release of the Apple iPhone 5!  You know you want one but you don’t know if you can afford it.  Did you know that you can sell your old iPhone for cash?  It is quick and easy and is worth more than you think. is currently paying over $300 for certain models of the iPhone 4S and over $150 for certain iPhone 4G models.  That will surely help you buy that new iPhone 4S.

But…pricing changes and will certainly go down the closer we get to the release of the iPhone 5.  SellYourCell will honor a quote as long as we get the phone within 30 days of an order.  So don’t wait.  The longer you wait, the less your will get for your old iPhone.

How do you sell your old iPhone (or other phone).

1) Get a quote:  Go to and type in your iPhone model into the large search bar.  Click on your model and get an offer.

2) Send your phone: Request a shipping kit from SellYourCell or print out a free shipping label to send you phone in your own box.  Either way, shipping is free.

3) Drop your phone off at the Post Office.  We will send you an email when we receive the phone and emails during the review process.

4) Get paid!

You might want to clear your personal information from the phone prior to sending it in.  The technicians at SellYourCell will do it if you don’t.

This is an easy way to help you get that iPhone 5 that you have been wanting!

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Sell Your Cell for Cash Today

Used cell phones are only as worthless as you make them. Most people are unaware that the decision to sell your used cell phone can be profitable and space-saving at the same time. Don’t allow your phones to collect in drawers, desks, and around the house. is the best place on the web to cash in your old phones. A variety of different brands are accepted and exchanged for money. You might be surprised at just how valuable some of your old phones might be. Sell your cell today and put some extra money back in your wallet.

Among the highly-valued brands at is Apple. The Apple iPhone 4S 32 gigabyte phone can often sell for roughly $300 as long as it’s in acceptable condition. Realize that you may have $300 just sitting in your home going to waste right now. The Apple iPad 2 32 gigabyte 3G can easily net you $250. With a good amount of money sitting around your home, why not cash in? You could use your new money for school supplies, a new game that is coming out, or whatever you like. Prices change regularly though with new cell phones being introduced all the time so don’t waste time, sell your cell phone now.

You can also sell your cell if you have a BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 phone. Other BlackBerry phones can bring you back a decent profit, but these phones in particular are coveted among cell phone recycling companies. can turn your old BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 phone into $110. Most cell phone recycling companies won’t be able to help you receive that much of a profit on your BlackBerry phone. should be your number one choice if you’re looking to make money from your old BlackBerry cell phone.

You might also decide to sell your used cell phone if you have an old Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 sitting in a drawer or desk. If you decide to enlist the help of, you could find yourself $180 richer in no time at all. The recycled cell phone industry has not yet fully exploded, but is the leader in all areas. You’ll get the most money for your phones in the quickest amount of time possible. Samsung Galaxy phones are a good bet to give you a good return on your initial investment. Apple iPhones offer the best return on investment.

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Android Dominating Cell Phone Market

According to IDC data, Android sales have more than double in the last year and accounted for 68% of new phone sales in the second quarter!  iOS (iPhone) market share should pick up with the release of the iPhone 5 expected in September and will likely be buying a LOT of old iPhones as customers trade up to the iPhone 5.

Over 100 million Android phones were sold during Q2 versus 26 million iPhones.  The Android and iOS  operating systems accounted for 85% of all phones sold during Q2.

Worldwide Operating System Market Share Q2 2012 (units in Millions)

Blackberry, coming in third saw its market share drop by over half from 11.5% in Q2 2011 to 4.8% in Q2 2012.  Windows phone market share picked up a tiny bit but their market share still is tiny.

Android and iOS appear to have a lock on the market but the only certainty in the cell phone market is…..uncertainty.

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Recycle Your Cell Phones and Electronics For Cash

In today’s technological age, there are so many advancements that it is difficult to keep up. Because of this, the electronics and cell phones that you buy may not have a very long life span. Shortly after you get the latest smart phone, you may find another phone that you like even better. It has more features and allows you to do so much more. In the past, you pretty much had to live with your choice until you could afford to get a different phone. Now, with the help of resources like, you can sell your used cell phone for top dollar.

How it Works

The basic idea behind Sell Your Cell is pretty simple. You can look up your phone in the system and see about how much it is selling for. If you want to sell your cell, you can then request a box and a shipping label to be sent to you. After you get the shipping supplies in the mail, you put your phone in the box and send it in. The company then checks to make sure your phone is fully functional and able to be activated by a new user and sends you a check or PayPal payment. It’s really that simple.

Why Sell Your Cell?

There are thousands of buyers out there who want to buy used cell phones. They may not want to get a contract from one of the big cell phone providers, so they try to buy used cell phones and connect them to a different network instead. This means that people like you are needed to sell your used cell phone. This provides the company with inventory that it can use to sell to buyers who want used phones. is a leading provider in the “used” cell phone industry and they offer some of the best prices.

Getting Started

If you decide that you don’t want to mess with your old cell phone anymore, you might as well sell it to You can choose whether you want to use your own box and print off a shipping label right from your computer or get a prepaid label and box sent to you in the mail. If you decide to get a box sent to you, it will take a little bit longer to complete the process. However, you won’t have to pay for shipping or come up with your own box.

This service is one of the most convenient in the industry, and they make it possible for you to reduce your electronic waste. Instead of just throwing your old cell phones away, you can get cold, hard cash for them. Check them out and look up how much your phone is worth today.

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Happy Birthday iPhone – Love

The iPhone celebrates its 5th birthday this week. At, we have bought used iPhones since they were first released and we are currently paying up to $355 for a used iPhone.

Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple has sold over 250 million iPhones and generated sales of $150 billion from iPhone sales! That is a good reason for Apple to celebrate. The iPhone was not the first smart phone but it is the first consumer targeted smart phone to really take off and is really responsible for subsequent explosion of smart phone sales.

The iPhone retains its value more than any other phone according to data by Priceonomics. An iPhone retains 53% of its value after 18 months compared to 42% for Android phones and 41% for Blackberry phones according to Priceonomics. is currently paying $285 – $355 for a used iPhone 4S which is probably MORE than it was purchased for new under a two year contract. Note that these prices will go down over time.

Happy 5th birthday iPhone, we can’t wait to see the iPhone 5!.

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Do you want to keep up with the Jones’? The idea of socioeconomic inferiority is something Americans struggle with daily. Whether it be the self made multimillionaires in the Lower-Upper class attempting to fit in with the Upper-upper class exclusive country clubs or something as simple as not having brand name cereals, everyone wants to be the best. So as the technology of cell phones has progressed, the need to have the best gadget has climbed right along with it. There’s one problem though: with the “best new phone” coming out every month you can’t always be ahead of the curve. Or can you?

There is a way to always have the coolest new cell phone at a fraction of the list price. Here’s an example.  Let’s say you bought a new iPhone 4 on contract last summer right when the iPhone 4S was introduced.  You snagged the iPhone 4 at a bargain price of $50 with a two year contract.  Then the iPhone 4S came out.  Who knew Siri was going to be so cool.  You had to have her but you still had almost two years under your contract and an iPhone 4S would cost $600 without a contract ):.

No problem.  Since phones without a contract are much more costly, you also get paid very well for a phone even if it is used.  At you can currently sell that iPhone 4 for $170 ($120 more than you paid for it).  Shipping is free to send the phone to SellYourCell.   You can buy a gently used iPhone 4S on eBay (only from a highly rated seller) for  $400 or less.  Out of pocket it will cost $230 to get the latest iPhone instead of $600 – about the cost of a new contract.

If you decided that you weren’t stuck on keeping up with the Phoneses you could even make money by pocketing the $170 and buying a less expensive phone and do it again when your contract is up!

This solution will work for anyone on a budget with a thirst for the best technology right when it comes out.  Or it will work if you are on a budget and want to make some money after you get that great deal for a new phone on contract.   Now you can keep up with the Phoneses!

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Sell Your Cell Phone to Celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from SellYourCell! Earth day is a day to think about how we can help the earth, our earth. One way is to recycle in order to reuse and save the earth’s valuable resources. Recycling used electronics like cell phones and iPads keeps harmful toxins out of our landfills.

Reuse is the best form of recycling because it doesn’t take any energy to reuse an item. Sites like are all about reuse. We buy used cell phones, iPads, Galaxy tablets for cash and then we resell them. We resell them to people that can’t afford to buy these gadgets when they are new.

You can get cash for keeping your old gadget out of a landfill (or your drawer). That is why the SellYourCell motto is be green AND get green.

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