Sell Your Old iPhone to Pay for an iPhone 5

Everyone is anticipating the release of the Apple iPhone 5!  You know you want one but you don’t know if you can afford it.  Did you know that you can sell your old iPhone for cash?  It is quick and easy and is worth more than you think. is currently paying over $300 for certain models of the iPhone 4S and over $150 for certain iPhone 4G models.  That will surely help you buy that new iPhone 4S.

But…pricing changes and will certainly go down the closer we get to the release of the iPhone 5.  SellYourCell will honor a quote as long as we get the phone within 30 days of an order.  So don’t wait.  The longer you wait, the less your will get for your old iPhone.

How do you sell your old iPhone (or other phone).

1) Get a quote:  Go to and type in your iPhone model into the large search bar.  Click on your model and get an offer.

2) Send your phone: Request a shipping kit from SellYourCell or print out a free shipping label to send you phone in your own box.  Either way, shipping is free.

3) Drop your phone off at the Post Office.  We will send you an email when we receive the phone and emails during the review process.

4) Get paid!

You might want to clear your personal information from the phone prior to sending it in.  The technicians at SellYourCell will do it if you don’t.

This is an easy way to help you get that iPhone 5 that you have been wanting!

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